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Sunday School at Knollwood Baptist Church provides a comprehensive approach for all ages for Bible study and faith development. Our program encourages spiritual growth, offers a caring community, fosters the development of a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and empowers learners to be servants to one another in the world through faithful living.

Please accept our invitation to join in the fellowship and community of the Sunday School class of your choice.  Join with others in the journey to grow in knowledge and understanding of our Christian faith and in a Christian lifestyle.

Join with us as we strive to be faithful to the journey in answer to God's call through Christ.
A Sunday School greeter is available each Sunday morning in the vestibule of Building B
to assist you in visiting any of our classes.  

Preschool and Kindergarten

1st Floor, Bldg. B
Infants through five-year-olds are provided a nurturing and caring environment during the Sunday School time and in extended session at worship time. Activities are designed to develop a positive concept of self and church through a knowledge of God's world and God's people surrounding the preschooler.  A creative learning environment is provided through Bible stories, music and craft activities.

Grades 1-5

2nd Floor, Bldg. B
Children in the elementary division gain greater experience in applying the teachings of the Bible to their own lives.  Activities are designed to help these children develop an understanding of the Christian faith as expressed in Bible stories, in the life and work of the church and in personal service.

Jr. High & High School

Noffsinger Youth Building (Bldg. C)
Dynamic Biblical teaching and the occasional mission adventure challenge youth to grow in their relationship with God. More than any time during the week's youth program Sunday school is a focused time of Bible study. In 2007-2008 the youth surveyed the Old and New Testaments. In 2008-09, we will follow the lectionary scriptures (the ones we use in Sunday morning worship) and see what discuss what it means to live like Christ. So come prepared with Bible in hand to learn about what God can do in you and this world.

Adult Division
updated August 2018


Each Sunday morning, all around our church campus, groups of adults gather to study, converse, debate, pray, listen and simply walk alongside one another in life and faith. Some groups share a particular life stage; others are brought together by their approach to faith formation. All of them value mutual support and community.  Come find your place in one of our classes.

Agape Class
A178-179 Ted Philpott

This larger class of mostly “children-have-left-home” adults offers vigorous examination and discussion of scripture texts and their present relevance and challenge. Our curriculum explores biblical themes, at times drawing from the rhythms of the lectionary and the seasons. Social gatherings in members’ homes extend our fun and fellowship.


The Barnabas Group
B221 Rebecca Neiberg, Andy Tooze, David Yarbrough

The Barnabas class is welcoming to newcomers and supportive of one another.  This group, with members ranging in age from their 30’s to 50’s, is characterized by members with diverse backgrounds. We encourage dialogue and sharing through thought-provoking discussions about the complexities of faith and life prompted by the Bible and other sources. 


Faith in Action Class
B224   Peggy Haymes, Mark Hix, and other class leaders

This large group of diverse ages values questions, discussion, active service projects, and mutual care and support. Our faith formation discussions often follow the common lectionary to see how the biblical texts matter to us and our world.


Faith Matters Class
B231  Katharine Martin and other class leaders

This group values lively discussion, mutual support, acceptance of diverse people, and involvement in social ministries. With varied ages but tilting toward younger adults, we begin with particular prayer practices, then explore questions of faith, biblical interpretation, and cultural relevance.

From Here to There
B224  Chuck Hinson and other class leaders

This small, discussion-oriented group emphasizes mutual support and has walked with one another through many challenges and changes. We have in the past done book studies, and we seek to apply scripture to life.

 Kindred Spirits
A164  Bill Hearn, Joe Long, Roger Underwood and others class leaders

This group seeks community through study, service, and shared life experiences. We range in age from mid-40’s to mid-60’s, with many empty nesters who have not yet retired. We often choose multi-week biblical and topical studies and enjoy shared service projects and social gatherings.


Mary Martha Class
A175 Dot Rutledge (Class President), Suzanne Newsome 

The warm and loving Mary-Martha class consists of women “of a certain age” who eagerly study the Bible in light of God’s guidance and our life experiences, seeking to live out God’s love. This vibrant group of women is one of Knollwood’s longest standing Sunday School classes, full of wisdom and experience.


Pilgrimage Class
A161  Chip Mims

With a lively mix of retired and not-yet-retired members (but open to all adults), this large class enjoys vigorous teaching and serious study of biblical texts, often following the lectionary.  The teacher brings biblical teaching into the challenging arena of 21st century living.

Roddick-Discovery Class
A166 Maurice Briggs, Fred Clifford (president), John Harrison, and Rodney Stilwell

This class of mature, retired adults has a distinguished Knollwood history. Teachers alternate leading the study of biblical literature and other topics as the class also reflects on the spiritual gifts and challenges of our life stage. Since the Roddick class combined with the Discovery class in 2016, we have enjoyed the benefits of enhanced leadership and membership.


A182  Ted Dougherty

This intergenerational class uses scripture, theology, and current issues as starting places for lively discussion. We often use DVD series, with topics ranging from world religions to the Bible to the lives of remarkable Christians, to stimulate conversation and contemporary life application. In the fall of 2018, we’ll begin a series on “Death, Dying, and the Afterlife: Lessons from World Cultures” by Dr. Mark Berkson.


Sunday School at KBC from Stephen Ball on Vimeo.