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Jan. 9: The gifts we receive / The gifts we give

A missional approach to Epiphany – all ages together in the fellowship hall for singing, doing, and learning. Please bring a donation for the Bolton food pantry. We especially invite cans of black beans, boxes of cereal, or rolls of paper towel.


Jan. 16, 23, and 30 - Why Baptist?

Led by Sylvia Oberle and Spence O’Neill, this series will explore questions such as, What does it mean to be Baptist?” and “What is Knollwood’s history as a Baptist church?”

Jan 16

With Bill Leathers and David Wilkinson – “What is distinctive about being Baptist?” “What are some geographical, racial, and ideological differences among Baptists?”

Jan 23

With Emily Hull McGee (pastor at First Baptist Church on Fifth), Sarah Parker (former Knollwood intern and recent graduate from Wake Forest's Divinity School), and Lin Story-Bunce (associate minister at College Park Baptist, Greensboro).

What are some of the challenges in being a Baptist (and Baptist minister) now?

Jan 30

Trivia night! How much do youknow about Knollwood’s own history?

On Jan. 30, a church conference will also be convened to vote on our 2019 Ministry Plan, and will begin at 6 PM.


Jan. 16 and 23 - Yoga as a Christian Living Practice

with Gayle Anderson (a small group alternative)

Jan. 16,Genesis 2:7 “God breathed the breath of life into the earth creature’s nostrils, and the earth creature became a living person.” Gentle yoga postures, exploration of additional breathing practices, and a guided meditation and relaxation. Asking ourselves for what special purpose God created us.


Jan. 23, Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.” Repeating the yoga postures and breathing, and guided relaxation to release tension throughout the body. Asking ourselves what is God saying to me in the stillness?A164, 6:45-7 PM.


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Wednesday Schedule

(September - May)

4:30 PM Playground Pals

Open KBC playground for an informal time of play and fellowship.

5:15 PM Concord Choir (4 yo-K) in B244

Carol Choir (1st and 2nd graders) in B251

Chapel Choir (3rd-5th graders) in B241

Middle School Bells in B215

5:15 PM  Dinner line opens

($7 adults/$21 family maximum payment)
(Childcare begins for children 5 and under)

6:00 PM Dinner

 kids.connect (1st – 5th graders) 

 Sharing celebrations and concerns (Adults)

 Youth gather in Bldg. C

6:15 PM  Adult Learning - see descriptions above

7:00 PM  Chancel Choir 

7:00 PM  Open playtime in Gym



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To listen click below

Dr. Bill Leonard & Dr. J Lee Hill discussion

KBC Wednesday Night 8-30-2017