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Children's Hymn Memorization Program

Have you ever stopped to think how much of your Christian faith and strength is drawn from the hymns we sing? For many Christians the hymnal has become a devotional guide, a source of inspiration for meeting specific spiritual needs, and a source of knowledge of Christian doctrine.

For children, the knowledge of hymns is very important in their personal spiritual pilgrimage. From hymns children learn about God and God's love, Jesus and his act of redemption and about the need to minister to others and to share our faith.

Boys and girls in the Chapel Choir (3rd-5th graders) are invited to participate in the hymn memorization program-"Hymns for a Lifetime." Each choir member who has memorized the first stanza of 20 hymns by the end of the choir year in May will receive a new hymnal with his or her name engraved on it. Those boys and girls who learn the 20 hymns for three successive years become Hymns-for-a-Lifetime Allstar. Their name is placed on a permanent plaque in the choir room. At this time there are 45 Hymns-for-a-Lifetime Allstar who's names are listed below. (There are three different sets of 20 hymns, one set for each year that the child is in the Chapel Choir. These are listed the page linked below.)

To pass off a hymn, the choir member sings the first stanza of the hymn for one of the choir leaders; a record of memorized hymns is maintained on a chart in the choir room. Hymn singing in worship at Knollwood is carefully planned so that each of the sixty hymns is sung at some time during worship each year at Knollwood.

It is suggested that each family have a hymnal in their homes for use in devotions and family singing. New hymnals may be ordered through the church office ($15). If you would like to order a hymnal for use in your home, let us know. Older hymnals are available from the church on loan.

Hymns for a Lifetime-Year 1, 2, 3
Hymns for a Lifetime All-Stars
Janet Sykes
Anne Louise Bouchard
Meredith Browne
Amanda Vining
Caroline Cook
Will Cook
Stephen Hampson
Daniel Nasrallah
Michael Nasrallah
Ginny Oberle
Ian Chapman
Dillon Lynch
Bradley Stokes
Olivia Zvara
Lasley Cash
Dilyn Gregory
Olivia Hinson
Alex Hoots
Jesse Sykes
Brian Farmer
Eleanor Hodge
Anne Luke
Weston Henderson
Bailey Igoe
Ali Chapman
Elizabeth Mitchell
Anna Ball
Wesley Davis
Daniel Winkelman
Kate Ginn
Steve Ball
Jackson Davis
Aida Mitchell
Isabelle Ginn
Ella Orgain
Annie Winkelman
Meredith Crosslin
Noah Morgan
Xander Tooze
Anna Davis
Miranda Holden
Alex Jordan
Jenna Jordan
Abby Timmons
Jake Timmons