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Diaconate Nominations 


Standards For Diaconate Membership

To be a member of the Diaconate at Knollwood Baptist Church is a call to service.

A person accepting that invitation should have certain qualifications.



•Recognize “My Commitment to Christ” as the minimum requirement for membership on the Diaconate.

•Should be familiar with the Biblical material related to the criteria for service in the church and be comfortable with his/her ability/willingness to respond affirmatively to this opportunity.

•Evidence of the Lordship of Jesus Christ should be explicit and implicit in attitudes, motivation, and conduct.

•Demonstrate a commitment to the church and this congregation.

•Be a member of Knollwood Baptist Church for a period of more than two years before being recommended.

•Have a pledging or giving record to Knollwood Baptist Church.

•Be sensitive to the Knollwood tradition, and be willing to be an enthusiastic interpreter and spokesperson for this community of faith.

•Have a satisfactory record of service as a committee member or committee chair at Knollwood Baptist Church.

•Attend Knollwood Baptist Church on a regular basis.



•Attend meetings of the Diaconate.

•Accept the shepherding role of the Deacon and agree to be active in the Knollwood Cares Ministry.

•Be exemplary in worship attendance and participation and, dependent upon talents, be a participant in the educational, youth, music, and administrative ministries of Knollwood.

•Be willing to “grow in grace and knowledge” and to develop spiritually.

•Accept a volunteer’s role in a Christian social ministry in the area.

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~First adopted by Church in Conference, 1988