Holy Week 2020


Evening prayer on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings at 5 PM

on the KBC Facebook page

A PDF of the prayer liturgy can be found here .

Maundy Thursday Service

         To be posted by 5 PM: https://www.knollwood.org/events/maundy-thursday

Please have some bread or crackers, juice or wine on hand to celebrate Communion at home during the service.

Good Friday

        To be posted by 11 AM: https://www.knollwood.org/events/good-friday

Easter Intergenerational Sunday School

       To be posted early Sunday morning at 7 AM on the KBC Facebook page

Easter Sunday Worship Service

        Posted early Sunday morning  7 AM: www.knollwood.org/events/easter-sunday-2

       Easter Celebrations by KBC Members will play immediately after worship on

www.knollwood.org/events/easter-sunday-2 and will also be posted on the

KBC Facebook page.

Palm Sunday, April 5-https://www.knollwood.org/events/palm-passion-sunday

March 29-https://www.knollwood.org/events/the-fifth-sunday-in-lent-2
March 22-https://www.knollwood.org/events/the-fourth-sunday-in-lent-2

March 15-https://www.knollwood.org/events/the-third-sunday-in-lent-2

Related links and PDFs can be found under the Communications section at: https://www.knollwood.org/media-documents

Minister on Call
If you need a Knollwood minister, please call our Minister On-Call at 336-283-5067. This number is staffed 24/7 by a Knollwood minister.

Administrative Staff on Call

Monday-Friday, 9 am–5 pm – As the office staff is now working remotely, please call 336-496-0403 to reach a member of our administrative staff.

Knollwood Staff and Email Addresses

Bob Setzer, Jr., Pastor bob@knollwood.org

Lucrecia Norman, Minister to Seniors and Weekday School, lucrecia@knollwood.org

Josh Godwin, Minister of Youth and Recreation, josh@knollwood.org

Katharine Martin, Interim Minister of Faith Formation and Education katharine@knollwood.org

Chrissy Hardy, Children’s Ministry Associate, chrissy@knollwood.org

Rozanna Goocey, Minister of Music, rozanna@knollwood.org

Lauren Winkelman, Music Ministry Associate and Organist, lauren@knollwood.org

Ted Philpott, Pastoral Associate for Congregational Care, ted@knollwood.org

Robin Spainhour, Church Administrator, robin@knollwood.org

Colleen Booth, Publications/Website, colleen@knollwood.org

Lisa Ehlers, Front Desk, frontdesk@knollwood.org

Finance Administrator, finance@knollwood.org