Shaping our vision

In addition to gifted lay leaders, Knollwood has a comprehensive professional staff.

Our pastor along with dedicated staff ministers serve in the areas of faith formation and education, music, senior adults, the weekday preschool, children, youth and recreation, congregational care, and welcome and engagement.
An able administrative staff oversees the church’s facilities, finances, communications, and custodial duties. Each member of the team is ready to assist in the day-to-day operations of our church.


Dr. Bob Setzer, Jr.
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Rev. Josh Godwin
Minister of Youth, Recreation and Digital Media
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Ms. Rozanna Vancil Goocey
Minister of Music and Worship
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Mrs. Chrissy Hardy
Director of Children and Family Ministry
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Rev. Katharine Martin
Minister of Adult Faith Formation and Education
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Rev. Lucrecia “Chris” Norman
Minister to Weekday School and Retirees
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Ms. Lauren Winkelman
Music Ministry Associate and Organist
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Administrative staff

Robin Spainhour
Church Administrator
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Colleen Austin Booth
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Lisa Ehlers
Front Desk/Office Manager
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Demrice Hayes
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Elected leadership
Deacon Executive Council
Beth Sanders
Katy Hites
Vice Chair
Carol Danforth
Past Chair
Rebecca Neiberg
Director of Administration
Trevor Anderson
Director of Spiritual Formation
Dorothy Wagener
Terry Oberle
Director of Knollwood Cares
David Winkelman
Director of Worship and Service
Class of 2023
R. Trevor Anderson
Marissa Joyce
Rebecca Neiberg
Terry Oberle
David Winkelman
Crystal Leathers
Beth Sanders
Bob Schenkemeyer
Class of 2024
Lindley Curtis
Karen Grippe
Chuck Hinson
Katy Hites
Phil Hendrix
Kevin Mauney
Rachel Stinehelfer
Dorothy Wagener
Class of 2025
Larry Hewitt
Craig Jackson
Frank Johnson
Charles Maner
Spence O'Neill
Jennifer Schwarz
Don Wells
Rachel Wiggins
Committee Chairs
Diana Long
Children’s Committee
Don VonCannon
Facilities Committee
Lindley Curtis
Faith Formation & Education Committee
Ben Floyd
Finance Committee
Daniel Joyce
Missions Affiliations & Allocation Committee
Janet Ray
Music & Worship Committee
Bill Leathers
Personnel Committee
Danny Stinehelfer
Recreation Committee

Donna Boswell
Stewardship Committee
Susan Edge
Through-the-Week School Board
Marissa Joyce