For all KBC families

Breathe: Family Retreat 2021

October 9, 2021 9:00 AM
W-S Montessori School Campus

Instead of an overnight retreat we will gather for a full day retreat this fall outdoors on the campus of the Winston-Salem Montessori School.

The retreat will include many of our favorite elements from years' past: worship, service, group games & teambuilding, shared meals (breakfast and lunch provided), art, breakout sessions by age and a cuople of hours of free time to enjoy the beautiful campus and relax together. We'll even bring nine square in the air! Our plans right now are for the retreat to be held outdoors.

The cost covers breakfast and lunch as well as all programming and materials. $25 per person and a $100 family maximum. Financial assistance is available upon request.

You can register to be part of Family Retreat here.

This year, maybe more than ever, we need to feel the Spirit in us:

"When they felt the Spirit in them,
connecting them with Jesus,
his friends began to say and do
the things Jesus had done.

They healed.
They welcomed strangers.
They shared what they had.
They listened and understood.
They forgave.
They loved with open hearts.

The Spirit flowed through them,
breathed through them,
changed the world through them,
sometimes in surprising ways."

Laura Alary, Breathe