Faith in the City

December 5, 2023
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
WCC Community Room

This month’s topic is “Freedom Schools: Meeting a Vital Need.” The program will focus on the continued growth of Freedom Schools in Winston-Salem and how this long-established program of the Children’s Defense Fund is making a considerable impact on children’s lives and learning outcomes. Hear our panel describe why Freedom Schools help reverse summer learning loss and build civic engagement skills for both students and their leaders. Learn how you can be involved in growing our local Freedom Schools.

Art by Robyn Churn

Join us as our panel discusses this important program:

Rashawn Meekins, WS/FCS assistant principal and a past Ella Baker Trainer at the Children’s Defense Fund;

Dr. Dani Parker-Moore, assistant professor of multicultural education at Wake Forest University; and

Russ May, the administrator of Winston-Salem Freedom Schools.

This year’s Faith in the City series will focus on “Education as a Public Good, exploring the essential role that effective public education plays in building healthy communities and maintaining a strong democracy.

Faith in the City meets in-person from noon to 1 PM, with a Zoom option available. For further information or the Zoom link, contact