Gentle Yoga at Home

Yoga can be difficult for those with mobility challenges; this session aims to alleviate that difficulty. We are happy to have one of our KBC own, Gayle Anderson, providing resources to our folks so that we might participate in the comfort and safety of our homes.

Here you can find a few different types of resources to use in practicing chair yoga at home. Below you will find both printable PDF guides from KBC's own Gayle Anderson (with links to for you to download and print on your own) as well as a few YouTube videos for guided gentle yoga sessions.

PDF Guides

Start here if you have never done gentle yoga before; this is a simple 10-step rotation for any level. Find a chair in your home and follow the guides around the circle for a full gentle yoga session.
This is pose-by-pose guide for a more in-depth gentle yoga session. You can move to this longer session if you're one of Gayle's more experienced students or after you've mastered the rotation above.

If you'd like, we downloadable and printable PDFs of these guides are available.

Click here for the 10-step rotation.

or here for the in-depth full session.

Weekly Sessions

Gayle has composed a fresh guide for each week. These build onto each other, so we suggest you start with Session 1 and then move to Session 2. You can access printable PDF guides of these weekly sessions at the links provided below:
Chair Yoga Session 1

Chair Yoga Session 2

Guided Video Sessions

If you're aren't quite confident enough yet to venture into gentle yoga on your own, we have created a playlist of YouTube videos that you can play and follow along with. Click the player window below and follow along with the guided session.


Gayle Anderson



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