Workout at Home

Gym time can be sacred time and exercise can be holy space. If you're having trouble finding those things while at home, KBC's own Whitney Preslar has you covered.

KBC's own Whitney Preslar is a personal trainer and exercise guru. She recently wrote a pretty excellent blog post titled "Power in the Pause" to illustrate the importance of taking care of yourself mentally, spiritually, and emotionally as well as physically during this time. This shift to social distance has been jarring to our constantly busy lives, and it's okay to take a pause and settle into that.

But when you're ready, she has provided some great resources for you to stay active and get a solid workout in from home. Below are 5 at-home workouts she has developed that require no equipment other than your own body and a space to move around in. If you feel like you've mastered these and want to go another step in your at-home training regimen, Whitney's website ( is a great source to find out more about her services; or get in contact with her directly by phone at (704) 906-1171.


Whitney Preslar



Your basement, garage, living room, backyard, etc.